Burt’s Way Home

Burt's Way Home

Burt’s an orphan, but no regular orphan; he’s an orphan of time and space after a cosmic accident left him stranded on earth, or so he says. Lydia is an older woman who has adopted Burt. Together they tell a tale of home and belonging from two different perspectives.

  • Nominated for the 2017 Eisner Award for Best Publication for Young Readers

This is a book of the sweetest optimism. ‘You’ll understand when you’re older’ is a familiar refrain to anyone who remembers their childhood, but Burt understands plenty, in his own way. He would be baffling if not for the patience and love of someone who cares for him, trying to see what he sees.

Kate Beaton, Hark! A Vagrant
Koyama Press, 2016 ISBN 978-1927668375, 48 pages, hardcover