Dear Flyary

One-eyed alien Frazzle is devoted to his first spaceship–even when it starts breaking down. Will he cave in to pressure and upgrade, or can his “old friend” be repaired? Written by Dianne Young

Young lards the text with enough otherworldly words — noteymaker to exboom to peepered — to keep readers on their toes and to beef up what is essentially a story about remaining true to your old and trusty friends. Adding to the endearment factor are Martz’s illustrations, as shiny and color-shot as ribbon candy, from Hoolo’s classic mechanic’s shop to the traffic jam on the flyway.


Nominated for Best Book Illustration in the 2013 National Cartoonist Society Reuben Awards.

Kids Can Press, 2012, OUT OF PRINT ISBN 978-1554534487, 32 pages, hardcover