Custom Fonts for Cartoonists

Custom Fonts for Cartoonists

Are you a cartoonist or comic book creator looking to turn your handwriting or lettering into a custom font? Contact me at for pricing and details.

I have created fonts for many top cartoonists and illustrators including Jillian Tamaki, Jules Feiffer, Emily Carroll, Paul Pope, Julia Wertz, James Sturm, Wendy Macnaughton, Dustin Harbin, KC Green, Rebecca Mock, Dan Piraro, Hope Larson, Vera Brosgol, Sara Varon, Fiona Smyth, Paul Hornschemeier and others.

Your custom font will be in OpenType format and will comprise multiple versions of each letter that alternate to appear hand-made. Fonts can include a wide array of accents, symbols, foreign characters, and ligatures.