Design and Art Direction

A selection of books designed for Tundra Books

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Night Lunch

illustration © Dena Seiferling

My Self, Your Self

illustration © Esmé Shapiro

Water, Water

illustration © Jon McNaught

Pluto Rocket: New in Town

illustration © Paul Gilligan

Tremendous Things

Time is a Flower

illustration © Julie Morstad

Fight Like a Girl

illustration © Lauren Tamaki

On the Trapline

illustration © Julie Flett

The Language of Flowers

Illustration © Dena Seiferling

The Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt

illustration © Byron Eggenschwiler

A Waffle Lot of Narwhal and Jelly

illustration © Ben Clanton

Me and Banksy

King Mouse

illustration © Dena Seiferling

Bear Wants to Sing

illustration © Dena Seiferling


illustration © Anna Pirolli

The Nose From Jupiter

The Family Tree

Illustration © Lily Snowden-Fine

Ten Little Dumplings

illustration © Cindy Wume

Esme's Birthday Conga Line

illustration © Marissa Valdez

The Boy and the Mountain

Illustration © Marianna Coppo

The Unforgettable Party

illustration © Noemi Vola


illustration © Marianna Coppo

Peter Lee's Notes from the Field

illustration © Julie Kwon

Your First Day of Circus School

illustration © Melissa Crowton

How to Promenade with a Python (and Not Get Eaten)

illustration © Kathryn Durst

The Collected Works of Gretchen Oyster

illustration © Felicita Sala

Snow Falls

illustration © Brandon James Scott

Outside Art

illustration © Madeline Kloepper


illustration © The Little Friends of Printmaking


illustration © Qin Leng

The Aquanaut

illustration © Jaime Kim

Princesses versus Dinosaurs

illustration © Joy Ang

Gemma and the Giant Girl

illustration © Marie Lafrance

Frankie's Favorite Food

illustration © Kelsey Garrity-Riley

Butterflies are Pretty… Gross!

illustration © Jacob Souva

Rodney Was a Tortoise

illustration © Yong-Ling Kang

A Garden of Creatures

illustration © Esmé Shapiro

Aggie Morton: Mystery Queen

illustration © Isabelle Follath

It Happened on Sweet Street

illustration © Stéphane Jorisch

Simon and Chester: Super Detectives!

illustration © Cale Atkinson

Alma and the Beast

illustration © Esmé Shapiro

Ocean Speaks

Illustration © Katie Hickey

Mary Who Wrote Frankenstein

illustration © Júlia Sardà

Bobby Orr and the Hand-Me-Down Skates

illustration © Jennifer Phelan