A Cat Named Tim and Other Stories

Tundra Books, 2021
Originally published by Koyama Press

  • Shortlisted for the Governor General’s Literary Award
  • Nominated for the Eisner Award for Best Publication for Early Readers

“Martz’s crisp, graphic forms defy readers’ expectations—not to mention logic and the rules of physics—delivering pleasing absurdity with every page turn.” — Publisher’s Weekly

“Visual learners and younger children alike will pore delightedly over these nearly wordless sequences.” — Kirkus Reviews

In Tim’s world, cats can paint on the ceiling and a cheerful porcine couple can wait months for the bus. A duck and a mouse can fly . . . a plane, of course. In “Doug & Mouse,” the first of four stories, a plucky duck and mouse pair embark on a globe-spanning journey by plane, jungle vine, horse, skis, skates, paraglider, boat and submarine, but they’re sure to make it home in time for pizza and tunes. In “Tim,” the titular cat lives his nine lives to the fullest — he’s a basketball star (sort of), a scientist (but not a very good one), a painter (very lifelike) and an all-terrain golfer. In “Connie,” a plucky rabbit follows her line of inquiry wherever it leads. And in the final story, “Mr. and Mrs. Hamhock,” an amiable pig couple wait months and months for the bus, only to realize that they’ve forgotten something important behind at home.

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